Hi-Fashion & glamor rules the 4th edition of Fashionable One by 1 MG Lido


The 4th edition of Fashionable One by 1 MG Lido wrapped up the season in style on December 3, 2017 with a fashion presentation curated by Ramesh Dembla, Bengaluru’s well known celebrity designer. Located in the heart of Bangalore, Trinity Circle – MG Road, 1 MG-Lido Mall is the hub for quality Food, Fashion, Beauty and Entertainment.

Fashionable One is a signature annual fashion property of 1 MG Lido. The 2 day fashion extravaganza showcased the best of 2017’s styles. In its 4th edition, in a row, the property has gone bigger and better with each year. The event witnessed a mélange of 2017’s trending contemporary ensembles showcased by brands like M&S, Being Human, Fab India, Aldo, Hidesign, Holi, Ayesha, AND, Global Desi, Da Milano, and more.


The glitzy night was an absolute fashion treat amidst the presence of Bengaluru’s well known faces. Leading models of the city Jackie Besterwitch, Priyanka Diwan, Ava Safai, Auchitya Thakur, Akash Singh Rajput, and Madhu Mohan were strutting on the ramp with their oomph and style.


The highlight of the event was the exclusive collection by Ramesh Dembla’s in house brand Krishna Dembla. The outfits had a burst of colours with bridal Ghagras that are not just for the ramp but a wearable collection for every bride to be. Kriti Kharbanda, Bollywood Celebrity amplified the glamour dose as she walked the ramp as the show stopper.

Commenting on the initiative, Suman Lehari, Chief Operating Officer, said “We are absolutely thrilled to see the turnout and success of the fourth edition of ‘Fashionable One’. Being the signature annual fashion property, Fashionable One intends to uphold the hi-fashion quotient and appeal to the fashion connoisseurs of the city. We hope to grow bigger and better with every edition”

Roby Verghese, Centre Manager, 1 MG Lido added, “The 4th edition of Fashionable One has truly proved to be a grand success and has grown multi folds from the 1st edition. We hope to take the property a notch higher with each passing year”.

Speaking on the occasion, Kriti Kharbanda, said “Home is where the heart is….no matter where I go, am always longing to come back to Bengaluru. And it is indeed a great pleasure to have walked the ramp for 1 MG Lido’s Fashionable One”


Giveaway Alert: The Fashionable One


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About Fashionable One:

Fashionable 1 is a signature annual fashion property of 1 MG Lido curated by Bengaluru’s well known fashion designer Ramesh Dembla. It is a 2 day fashion extravaganza comprising of a clothing showcase from top brands such as Aldo, Hidesign, Marks & Spencer’s, and more taking place on December 3, 2017

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Get Baby Soft Skin in 4 Steps with “The Ancient Beauty”


Healthy skin is crucial for providing the right canvas for applying makeup. The best foundation you can ever wear is a healthy glowing skin. Between your tight schedules you often forget to take care of your skin. Plus the pollution and lifestyle doesn’t help either. If you want to achieve a healthy glowing skin you need to have a committed skincare routine. A lot of times we try to put so many synthetic products on our face to achieve quick results. But a good skincare routine is about what you feed your skin. There is nothing better than natural ingredient for your skin. Recently I came across a brand, “The Ancient Beauty” which offers 100% natural products based on your skin type. The Ancient Beauty range is inspired by the age-old ancient beauty cultures of the world and is created from edible ingredients. All products are 100% natural, Eco-friendly & do not contain any artificial colors, chemicals or preservatives.

The Ancient Beauty range was founded by Dr. Deepti Sehgal, an Internationally Certified Skin specialist. She believes that the old charm of grandma’s beauty recipes have been lost in the midst of chemical based beauty industry. Real beauty reflects from within & need not be dependent on external treatments. Modern beauty products not only sell dreams but also carry health threats due to their extensive chemical compositions. This drove her to revive the age-old ancient ayurveda and oriental beauty culture.

Ancient Indian women believed that if you couldn’t eat it, do not apply it! Now, modern science confirms what is applied on the skin is absorbed by the body & adds immensely to internal toxin accumulation. That’s why her skin care range is all about what you feed your skin. Each product is made from natural products using different herbs, spices, natural oils and more.

I have a strict skincare routine and love to pamper myself every week with a home spa. Sundays are generally my favorite as I can laze around in my pajamas and de-stress by pampering my skin. So this weekend I tried the home-spa range by The Ancient Beauty. For an at home spa experience I followed the following regime:


  1. Cleanse face with ‘The Ancient Face Wash’: – Use face wash anytime through the day. Avoid using any other soap based facial cleanser as this is equally effective and leaves skin soft and supple. You can use the face wash 2-3 times a day as needed. Take about a spoon and mix water to make a paste. You may also add a little honey or coconut oil for extra moisturization if you have dry skin. Gently massage for 30 seconds or keep it applied as a face pack for 7-10 minutes. It is a multi-purpose face wash that cleanses, exfoliates, lightens, softens and nourishes skin with good oils and minerals.

The Ancient Beauty Face Wash: 100% natural skincare.

  1. Scrub gently with ‘The Ancient Japanese Scrub‘: Begin your day with the scrub every day. Take about a spoon and mix water or honey to make a paste. Since it is granular, you need not exfoliate daily. Exfoliate gently on day 1 and day 4, rest of the days keep it applied as a face pack. It is a multi-purpose scrub that not just exfoliates but also helps get rid of white heads while nourishing the skin with good oils and minerals.


3. Massage with ‘The Ancient Massage Powder’: This is one of their best products. This is a powder that when mixed with water forms a cream base. This may be used as a substitute to your facial creams used for massages. Take about half a spoon and add 2-3 spoons of water. Leave it for a minute and it will form a cream base. Use it for facial massage. You may give yourself a facial spa once a week or use this massage cream individually regularly to stimulate your face for younger appearance. The Ancient Massage has rose petals in it, which makes it smell amazing and is very relaxing when massaging your face.


  1. Apply ‘The Ancient Fairness’ or ‘The Ancient Dew’ as a face pack:

The Ancient Fairness: Take about a spoon and add milk preferably, but water can also be used. It contains natural citric elements that help fade away blemishes with regular use. It also helps gain skin radiance. Keep it applied until dry (10-15 minutes) and wash off.


The Ancient Dew – This is a deep skin moisturizing face pack and works nice for blemishes and fine lines along with skin nourishment. Take about a spoon and add water or cucumber juice or papaya juice, any of three. You may also add a drop or two of coconut oil or olive oil for extra skin moisturization. Keep it applied until dry (10-15 minutes) and wash off.


My Experience:

The best part about using all natural products is that you can use them every day as they are not pumped with harmful chemicals. I have been using the face wash and scrub everyday and every alternate day I apply one of the packs and I have seen the huge difference in my skin. My skin feels smoother and supple. I do not feel the need to moisturize my skin. There is a glow in the skin which is even better than applying any BB cream. Yes, it takes a bit more time every morning now but the extra 15 minutes is so worth it. The best part is you don’t have to break a bank to get great skin as The Ancient Beauty Range is affordable. From the packaging to the products everything is thoughtfully customized keeping the customer in mind which makes me love the brand even more. However, I just wish the labels were large enough so that I could show you guys the ingredients used in each product. Overall, I loved how my skin felt even after just the first experience of this brand. A lot of times we have these misconceptions that natural products may not be as effective on our skin. But The Ancient Beauty will prove it to you that it’s just a myth because my skin has never felt more nourished and baby soft.

Apart from these products I also tried The Ancient Satin Body Scrub. It is meant to be used every day for smooth, nourished and cellulite free skin. Take about 2 spoons and add water to make a paste. Start using from bottom top, starting from feet to thighs, hands to shoulders, torso to neck and lower back to upper back and neck, in circular motion for about 5- 7 minutes. You can also add a little coconut oil to the paste if you have dry skin.


Note: This shared pack is a complete self-care kit and it is advised to avoid using any other chemical based cleansers and scrubs to experience the best results with The Ancient Beauty products. The idea here is to expose skin to good rich nutrition in a dedicated regime and that’s where the difference begins to appear. However, while going out, you may use sunscreen as we do not have a natural sunscreen substitute as yet. Please read the product labels and do a patch test as all natural things may not suit everyone and in few cases may irritate the skin.


Product List:

*This is a gift pack (Rs. 1800) which is great for a beauty and skincare enthusiast. But you can also buy individual products.

  • The Ancient Face Wash (200 gms): Rs. 250
  • ‘The Ancient Scrub’ (200 gms): Rs. 300
  • ‘The Ancient Massage Powder’ (200 gms): Rs. 300
  • ‘The Ancient Fairness’ (200 gms): Rs. 400
  • ‘The Ancient Dew’ (200 gms): Rs. 400
  • The Ancient Satin Body Scrub (350 gms): Rs. 500

Check out the brand:

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Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/ancientselfcare



6 Most Instagrammable Beaches in India


To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is the perfect escape for me. The waves put my mind at ease. Just writing about this post makes me feel like I should be at a place where I can feel the salt in the air while sipping tropical cocktails and enjoying the sand in my toes. So if you are in need for some vitamin sea and looking for a perfect escape this season then here’s the ultimate guide to the most instagrammable beaches in India and the list does not include Goa!

  1. Varkala is a town located in Kerala. Essentially it was popular as a temple town but over the years it has become a popular tourist destination for its red cliff and beaches. Varkala has a beautiful setting where all the cafes are located on the top of the cliff facing the beach. You can spend your afternoon sipping some tea or savoring some local as well as international cuisines on the cliff while enjoying the breeze. A lot of places even offer Ayurvedic massages, yoga sessions and cooking classes for the tourists. The most popular beach in Varkala is the Papanasham Beach. But if you want some more peace and quiet you can visit the Kappil Beach and the Golden Island.
  1. Kannur is a coastal town situated on the northern most coast of Kerala. A quiet and dainty town known for its serene beaches and enchanting rituals. It’s a mix of cultural heritage and nature. What’s special about the Kannur beaches is that they are clean, calm and not as densely populated as the ones you might come across in India. They have their own drive-in beach where you can enjoy the waves in your car. Apart from this you can visit the Payyambalam beach, thottada beach, dharmadam beach and ezhara beach to name a few. On a day out in the town, do visit the Muthappan Temple aka the dog temple, Fort St. Angelos, Cliff Walkway, Port and the Aralam wildlife sanctuary.


  1. Gokarna is a popular beach destination among tourists in India. It attracts a crowd which is more low key and looking to relax, unlike Goa. Gokarna again is a blend of a temple town and a beach town. If you go to the city you can enjoy the sacred Hindu pilgrimage temples surrounded by the local bazaar. Whereas, if you head to the beach directly you will see tons of bamboo thatched roof shacks lined up serving some delicious dishes. The most popular beaches in Gokarna are Kudle Beach, Paradise Beach, Om Beach and Half Moon Beach. Paradise and Half moon beach are more secluded than the other two. So if you are planning on building tents and taking care of your accommodation then stay at Half-Moon and Paradise. If you want to hang out at shacks and enjoy some volleyball and water sports then Kudle and Om beach it is.


  1. Mahabalipuram is situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal and is famous for its heritage and beaches. The city is known for its rock cut temples and beautiful white serene beaches. The world heritage listed shore temple and other popular attractions like the Five Rathas, mahishamardini mandapa, arjuna penance and the trimurthi cave temple are breathtaking. You can also spend your afternoon on the beach shacks and enjoy some local cuisine. Mahabalipuram is also known for its local handicrafts like shell necklaces, apparels and carved chillams.


  1. Mangalore is a busy city surrounded by some beautiful coastlines. If you are looking for beaches with soft sand and breezy winds then Mangalore is the destination for you. Dip your feet in sea and enjoy the sunset while relishing some spicy local seafood. When in Mangalore you can visit the Someshwar Beach, Tannirbavi Beach, Panambur Beach, Ullal Beach and Surathkal Beach. Manglore is also one of the major ports in India known for its coffee and cashew exports.



  1. Pondicherry is a tourist favorite spot popular for its French heritage. Pondicherry has a very bohemian chic vibe to it with small French colonies draped with bougainvillea, sea side cafes and quaint shopping stores. Pondicherry also attracts a number of spiritual tourists every year because of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram located just north of the town. A few popular places in Pondicherry include the seafront, Notre dame des Anges and the rock beach. Enjoy your days shopping, eating French food, sipping chilled beer and meditating in mini France.


Have you visited any of these offbeat beach destinations? What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.


5 Simple Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil in Everyday Life


Create your own calm by adding a few drops of essential oil to your daily beauty routine. Essential oils have become quite popular over the past few years. They have been used for several uses from beauty rituals to treating diseases. Tea tree oil is one of the most popular and commercially available essential oil. Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties and is widely used in DIY home beauty treatments. However a lot of times we only know a few typical ways to use essential oils. Here are 5 ways you can use tea tree oil and benefit from it.

Aromatherapy: When it comes to essential oils this is the most common use for them. Just add a few drops to a diffuser for a refreshing smell. You can even make tea tree scented wax candles if you like. Apart from this add a few drop of oil you to the water when you go for a shower.

Skincare Routine: Tea tree is known for its acne clearing properties. You can dab on a drop on a clean cotton ball and apply it on the affected area. Make sure to dampen the cotton with water before use. You can also make a DIY face mist by mixing a few drops of tea tree essential oil in rose water or regular water. Add a few drops to your moisturizer or foundation to protect your skin.

Hair care: Tea Tree oil also helps get rid of dandruff. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo and conditioner to do the trick.

Fight Bad Breath: Tea tree oil helps fight bacteria and germs. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil to a glass of water and gargle for fresh breath. You can also get rid of a sore throat by adding a few drop of tea tree oil to luke warm water with salt and gargle.

Fight Foot Odor: Add a few drops to a bucket of warm water and give yourself an aromatherapy pedicure at home. You can also make a mist by mixing 4-5 drops of tea tree oil and water and spray it on your feet. If you have smelly shoes then get rid of the odor by placing a cotton ball with a few drops of the essential oil. You can even place this fix in your sock drawer to make sure you have fresh smelling socks.

Tea tree oil has several other benefits and uses. I really recommend everyone to invest in a good brand. I recently came across Ryaal Essential Oils. They have a variety of essential oils and it’s a great product for a very good price. Ryaal brings you a little bit of nature to your home. They offer 100% natural and organic products handcrafted with love.

How do you like to use essential oils.

Shop Now: Ryaal USA


Discover the essence of handmade products with Direct Create

I have always been fascinated by handmade products. There is something special about each piece. It’s always more than just an object. Each piece has its own story and tradition to tell. When you are buying handmade products you are acknowledging the countless hours and time spent by the artisan to create one perfect piece. It’s a part of his soul that he has poured into the product. Each product is unique and resonates with the cultural mosaic of the diverse crafts. Recently I came across a unique platform which helps nurture and revive the age old crafts of India and decided to collaborate with them.

Direct Create is a platform which helps makers and designers connect with the buyers looking for exclusive handmade products. India has a very rich cultural heritage which can be seen in the traditional arts and crafts. But over the years mass marketed products and commercialization have reduced the value of handmade products and age-old crafts. Direct Create is trying to bridge the gap between local artisans and consumers by empowering the small artisans in the handmade community and enabling them to reach the global audience through their online platform. The online store has a curated list of products from clothing, jewelry, accessories, home décor and art. One thing which differentiates Direct Create from the other similar platforms is their customization option. If you love a product but want a different design or variation then you can get in touch with their community and make your own product.


I received 2 items from the Direct Create Team. One was a notebook imprinted with conventional Rajasthani prints of Muchhad Series. If you are a stationary enthusiast then the printed notebooks on Direct Create are something you should indulge in. From crochet covers to printed books they have a wide range of notebooks.

IMG_20170530_114419-01 (1)

The other item I received was a dream keeper box. The dream keeper box has intricate patterns crafted after the Mughal woodcarving technique. These wooden boxes are handcrafted by the Hussian family who has carried forward this delicate art for generations. Each wooden box speaks of the Persian values while keeping an eye on the contemporary times. Both these pieces would be a great addition to your personal collection. The dream catcher box can be used as a jewelry box or even a coin box. It is also a good gifting option for someone who likes personalized pieces.


I absolutely loved both the products sent by the team to me. I also received a handwritten letter which made me feel extra special. This is probably the first handwritten letter i’ve ever received.

I often hear people complaining that handmade products are so expensive and that they aren’t value for money. But often people forget that when it comes to buying a handmade product it is about supporting an individual artisan and the local tradition rather than cheap prices. When you buy a handmade product it’s unique and shows that you care. Each piece is carefully crafted to perfection where the craftsman spends hours designing the product. Join the handmade movement and support the local artisans.

Shop Now: http://www.directcreate.com/

Dream Keeper Box: INR 350/- https://shop.directcreate.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1265

Mucchad Diary: INR 599/- https://shop.directcreate.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1751

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Day 2: Red Carpet Look at Fatmu Makeup Academy

You don’t have to be famous to have your own red carpet moment. All you need to do is dress up. The second workshop at Fatmu Makeup Academy was all about the red carpet look. The workshop content focused on getting a glam look for your next night out. This workshop was all about getting sexy, glam lips and eyes with an international, sophisticated twist to be paparazzi ready.


Today we were trying to recreate the look by Emma Stone at the Oscars with our own twist to it. The workshop started with our instructor Nikita showing us how to achieve the look on her face using different products and then we got an hour do achieve the same look on ourselves. Here are a few things I learnt at the workshop. One of the most important things to remember when you are going for a glam look or glamorous eye, make sure you do it before getting to your skin and face to ensure there is no eye shadow fallout or a messy base. For your eye shadow always use a flat eye shadow brush. Before applying any color to the eyes make sure to apply a base color and blend it with a fluffy brush. Also do both the eyes together rather than one after the other to get a perfect finish. Remember to clean around your eyes once you are done in an upward motion.

To define your eyes press the liner onto your lash line. Also use a more natural shade of blush when opting for a glam look. Use copper or warm blushes on the cheekbone and blend in an outward motion. Copper and peach blushes look great on Indian skin tones. Now moving on to the lips, use a lip pencil for precision when going for statement lips. Define the center first and then fill the lip with the pencil. Filling the lip helps maintaining a long lasting color. To avoid bleeding of the lipcolor clean the edges of the lip with a pressed powder.

Red Carpet Look.jpg

If you feel that your makeup is melting the use a blotting sheet to blot the t-zone and then go over with a powder. I decided to enhance my look by opting for a dark lip rather than the peach one worn by Emma Stone at the Oscars. I went for a look which resembled her look at the La La Land premier.

You can check out my Day 1: Everyday Makeup Look

To find out more about the course: Fatmu Academy

Let me know what you think about my look in the comments below.